Thomas Moore
Editor at Large
Thomas is a well respected  ally and a veteran diabetes advocate,  a caregiver to a LADA family member, social media butterfly, artistic genius, twitter lord, word smith, and generally all around super nice dude.  Did we mention he used to sell shoes? (No. No.  He did. Really.)

Jen Hamilton Loving
Editor at Large
Jen is very well known within the Diabetes Online Community, and has first hand experience with diabetes as her two daughters live with  Type 1. He beautiful son has Hemophilia, and she works diligently on raising awareness on his behalf. Jen works as the Chair of The Family Outreach at her local JDRF chapter, and she spearheaded World Diabetes Day at Cincinnati's Fountain Square.  Through Jen's efferts and persistence, the local businesses to turn their buildings (most notably the Great American Insurance Tiara) BLUE on November 14th.

Tony Cervati

Co-Founder & Editor at Large
Tony has worked as a Pancreatic Engineer since being diagnosed with Type 1 in 1976.  He is known to "fiddle around" with bicycles every now and again, and founded The Type1Rider Organization in 2005.  Tony was the first person with Type 1 diabetes documented to successfully complete a 24 Hour Solo bike race, and, in 2011, was the first person with diabetes to attempt the 2750 mile self supported Tour Divide.  Around here, besides being a Co-Founder, he is simply a geek with a keyboard making sure our inbox has enough storage. 

Diane Cervati
Co-Founder & Editor at Large
Diane is married mother to four, step mother to two more. Her son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2010. Maternal instinct met fashionable advocacy and Blue Heel Society was born. Married to Type 1 Rider who champions every effort she makes, including burning dinner.