Blue Heel Society is a lifestyle ePublication tailored to fit living with chronic disease management. Readers are afforded diverse content, offering a healthy balance of diabetes specific elements as well as articles relevant to every day life.

We offer the latest information on new technology, current advancements in medicine, and original content pieces from our writers and editors.

We also offer features on fashion, health, exercise, diet and nutrition, and inspired living.

Letter From the Editor

Hi friends! We are so excited to bring you along with us as we embrace our new format as an electronic publication. We always envisioned pushing boundaries beyond a simple diabetes blog, and as a result of your continued loyalty we have defined diabetes differently.  Wasn't that the point?

We have converted our version of the blog into a unique flipbook, complete with the entire content, migrating all of our posts into an enjoyable magazine format for you, our readers to enjoy on any device. 

From the staff we give our heartfelt thanks for the feedback, criticism, and commentary in our efforts to better serve the DOC and everyone we know.  No one was more surprised than we were looking at the numbers of "blog visits" realizing the impact and out reach on everyone, not just people living with or caring for someone with diabetes.  Many a  "Google* search for blue wedding shoes, landed an enormous number of now loyal traffic to our blog, people with no connection to the DOC but who loved our society and stayed. You need not be vocal about your diabetes , our organization allows for everyone to be heard and be themselves.

Because you were attracted to our blog for inspiration, fashion, support, and encouragement we are excited to share our merge integrating diabetes technology/lifestyle into coveted normalcy.

It takes courage to live with diabetes. It takes courage to talk about diabetes. It takes courage to just be true to yourself.  It takes courage to admit to what you have on your iPod. Be courageous.

You are all welcome here.



Diane Cervati - Editor In Chief